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Sunday, December 18, 2005

When enough is enough

I will admit to my personal political bias. I was raised to believe, and later confirmed by experience to know, that conservatism is just another word for get-it-at-all-cost greed. Republicans throughout our history have denigrated the weak, the poor and the minorities in the name of profit and wealth conservation. They have raised our debt, ruined our environment and raped our land for prosperity. Money is the root of all evil.

George Herbert Walker Bush, daddy, X-leglislator, X-CIA, X-Pres, and who-knows-how-much multimillionaire, got his war chest just like his father did. By helping friendly enemies. His father was a financier for the third Reich. Another generation of corrupt, multinational under the table deals, that bought and paid for political prestige. Then he taught his sons the finer points of the process and the rest is (God help us all) history in the making. George I, bought America for George II, when Texas wasn't enough. I hate it when enough isn't enough... But ill gotten gains fronted by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan turned a black sheep, family embarrassment into a commander in chief [sic]. The family's post Gulf War treasure chest was filled by friendly middle east benefactors. George the first then dressed his black sheep, idiot son in a hundred million dollar money belt and proved, once again that "politics is all about money". Of course another hundred million or so was available behind the scenes to enable the smearers, vote getters, vote counters, and court squatters, unlimited cash for greasing the "W" machine. If this miscarriage of democracy had been a one time event and the 2004 election had ended the boy king's reign of tragic foolishness, history might have written it off as an anomaly. Because stupid is as stupid does, but, we will (within this decade) determine through documented evidence that like Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004 produced yet another stolen election. So my bias, as my Republican acquaintances call my profound obsessive disgust, begins with the premise that undeserved leadership yields unencumbered arrogant power mongering and the catastrophe that is sure to follow.

As if a cruel wind blew in a perfect storm, Bush Jr's. Immediate change of course in regards to foreign policy, Israel/Palestine, corporate protection, wealth preservation for the wealthy and Rumsfeld's new military, blew head first into 9/11. So begins this sad chapter in the fall of a great nation. Unfettered arrogance multiplied by unbridled war powers gave the Bush boy a foundation for a no-check and no-balance system of governance. A horror story written by dishonor, disdain and deadly dollars. With a legislative majority, the proven ability to control the supreme court, and a press/media that was either frightened, beholden or too wrapped up in the flag to fulfill their responsibility, Bush II became our American Nero.

His early floundering and unremarkable beginning would have ended without fanfare had it not been for his "Jesus Loves Me" religious right apologist. Then came September eleventh and like the proverbial blind pig, he found an acorn. The fool on a hill of twin tower rubble captured the spirit of an emotionally vulnerable nation and the world at large with a taunt right for the times. The only moment in his parade of bluster and bullified, bellicosish behavior that our country was unified. It only took him a few months to destroy that historical unification. His neocon puppeteers gleefully pulled the strings behind the curtain as they put into place the Iraq attack. The multi-tiered, made-up, tit-for-tat, poorly reasoned war to get Saddam and his oil. Hell became a reality for all Iraqis. An already diminished future federal treasury, due to the tax cuts and corporate give-a-ways, came to create an impossible situation for a country at war.

Fear became the neocons friend. Weapons of mass destruction, serin gas, biological agents, nuclear capability, dirty bombs, and a still unsourced envelope filled with a strange white powder known as anthrax, sent America into a panic. Duct tape, gas masks and sheets of plastic wrap flew off the shelves at local Home Depots across the country.

As if the lies that became the foundation of his campaign weren't enough; as president he took failure to a whole new level and convinced his always easily fooled congregation of fundamentalist religious zealots that God had chosen him to be the anchor of the apocalypse . I googled for a complete list of the failures of this presidency. The list is too long to print here when you consider the multitude of errors, lies, misjudgment and malfeasance that make our un-president "W" (as in wrong) the greatest disappointment to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A consolidated general listing is provided by many astute bloggers like DailyKos, Eschaton, Josh Marshall, Kevin Drum, Matt Yglesias, Brad DeLong and more;

´╗┐Election of 2000 (suspicious outcome, stolen with the aid of the supreme court)

Invasion of Iraq based on lies, more lies, infinite

Orders to march to Baghdad instead of securing discovered weapons (that later "disappeared" into insurgents hands to become IUD)
Failure to secure needed infrastructure and cultural centers even though the Oil ministry was kept intact.
Failure to equip soldiers appropriately
Awarding no-bid contracts to "favored" companies
Listening to Attorney General when he said the Geneva Conventions are "quaint" (torture)
Staged rescue of Jessica Lynch
Allowing enlisted men/women to take the fall for Abu Ghraib scandal instead of searching out the REAL responsible people
Illegal Immigration uncontrolled
VP's energy plans and participants kept secret
Dishonest 2004 Campaign
Failure to declare John Kerry's service off limits Failure to censure Swift Boat Vets attack Purging real and planting fake Bush National Guard documents
Election of 2004 (another suspicious outcome)
"Leaked" outing of Valerie Plame for revenge
Rewarding cronies with jobs instead of choosing the most experienced (Michael Brown)
Failure to act promptly when Hurricane Katrina hit in spite of pleas from local officials
Suspending the Davis-Bacon Act for New Orleans workers (later overturned)
Not awarding repair contracts to locals first in hurricane repair
Appointing a less than outstanding person to the Supreme Court (FOR LIFE!)
Staged interview with soldiers in Iraq (after the REHEARSAL was shown via news programs)
Reiterating support of Tom DeLay
Heightening the terror alert as a distraction whenever unfavorable news about some of the administrative team is being discussed
Spending our country into bankruptcy
dismantling a decades old environmental safety net
Withholding funding for contraceptives and abortion for third world countries
Initially ignoring worldwide aids epidemic
promoting intelligent design and other flat earth nonscientific foolishness
Creating corporate welfare and legal liability immunity for drug and oil companies
Destroying relationships with our historic European allies
dismantling our education programs (no child left behind, a cruel joke)
Stealing social security and promoting savings accounts instead of fixing a proven program
Circumventing FISA and who knows how many other checks on his presumed powers

Lies, more lies and lies about lies

So, is it time to impeach this failure of a president? Sadly we can't unless we impeach the vice president first and the current speaker and the Sec. of state and, and. Only after we win back the House of representative in 2006, so a reputable speaker can succeed as president, impeachment should begin. The 2006 elections will bring about this change or it will be too late to save America for our children and grandchildren. It will take a diligent (military standards) majority who support, vote and closely monitor the count of these votes, to end this era of shame brought to us by the Bush kingdom. Enough deceit, enough profiteering, enough conservatism. Now is when...Enough is enough.


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